What to do with my fireplace surround?

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I am painting this room which is an open lounge/kitchen area, and a relatively small living area... I am thinking a nice cool white like lexicon quarter or possibly natural white, white skirts.. and my furnishing ideas I have attached also.....

I cannot for the life of me work out what to do with the fireplace surround that matches the olive green, cream and black tile... It was originally wood and then I applied a stain and varnish in one and decided gloss is way too much.

Now I am thinking a black or black japan stain with a satin finisher, not sure if this is a bit too bold for the size of the room, then thought a beautiful crisp white the same as trim and skirt but dont think either go terribly well with the tile colour. I find it extremely hard to visualise end results!

(excuse the state of the pic of my house! currently in a shambles of prep and ill blame lockdown as well why not..)


tia!! x

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