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last month

Hi, we have an existing kitchen needing improving without complete overhaul as very limited budget.

We are open to shifting things around, though mainly trying to keep most of the cabinetry to save $$

Our current thoughts are- Paint the overhead cabinetry or covering them with a panel to make them more of a feature and to avoid an all white kitchen and add interest.

-Bulkhead the range hood which is not connected at present.

- make the island bench bigger so central to the space (add extra bit to the existing cabinet, new island bench top. We did install lighting fixtures at ceiling ready to hang pendant lights to be central over a bigger island bench top)

We are considering moving the bin to where the cooking and preparing food bench takes place which is between the sink and the stove top. So get rid of the under bench corner cupboard (which is a wasted space for us) and install a skinny tray cupboard instead.

The fridge-thought of making a floor to ceiling cupboard insert so looks built in, make cupboard at top.

The pantry is another task but want to focus on the kitchen as this is something that you see from every room as it is in the middle of the house. So want to give it more impact.

The fish tank is temporary, we need to do something interesting or extend kitchen on that wall. Or put shelving etc.

Many Thanks.

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