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Design dilemma!

last month

Hi All

We are building a double Storey house.

I am in dilemma about the planning of the theater and bedrooms alignment.

I want to build 4 bedrooms, 4 ensuites house in 380sq mt (Can't go any over). Ours is a 450 sq mt block 15 width lot (15*30).

1. I want to have a Guest ensuite, Office, prayer room, Laundry, kitchen and realized later theatre to be on the ground floor too. Below is the initial plan of the draft copy. Can you guys suggest how or where we can incorporate theatre on the ground floor? I want a theatre in 6*3.5 and happy to cut down on living and dining space.

2. I got a big hallway entry. Is it going to look too odd if its long entry or is it going to look welcoming? What can I do to make it look an interesting hallway.

3. Top floor bedrooms - Can I get leisure room and still get decent size minor bedrooms (3.5*4) with ensuite if theatre goes down floor?

Any best way to align the scullery/laundry, prayer/office rooms to reduce the sq mt and still achieve what I want.

Below are the house plans and measurements. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you all.

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