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Lucy C
28 days ago

Hi Houzzers!

I am renovating a home and the plan was to modernise, but largely keep the existing floor plan and open up the living / dining area.

As we have started, we have found a previous extension wasn't exactly built to standards, so we need to remediate. It has meant that the walls of the back half of our house have come down, to be rebuilt.

Of course now I have an open canvas, and I've got analysis paralysis. We are engaging a draftsperson to assist, but would appreciate some of your thoughts before we have that meeting.

Basically everything from the second bathroom / formal dining to the right can be reconfigured. There is one structural wall, but that will likely be removed / replaced also (still in black bold). The only other crinkle is trying to leave the window locations untouched (but suspect we may need to block a few up).

The space needs to fit:

  • A family bathroom (with bathtub)
  • Extra bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry
  • Living / dining space

Would love to have some extra storage too, like a walk in linen. I'm neither here nor there on a walk in pantry - nice if it works in the grand scheme of things, but not necessary.

Would love your thoughts and ideas. Really struggling here!

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