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Delora Dickey

Our bedroom will NEVER look like these. Sure, we have the Cal-King bed (maybe down-sized to Queen for more space), but we also have an antique dresser, armoire that serves as a massive toiletries cabinet, antique makeup table, L-shaped computer desk filled with printer, tower, wifi, calculator, monitor, keyboard, speakers, pencil holder, paper trays, et al, and 2 tall file cabinets. Another dresser holds seasonal linens. Sigh...needs must, however it would be a lot nicer if we had another bedroom we could use as office space - but that's filled with my husband's gigantic train set!

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Due to hurricane Michael our life and home has been changed forever!
Our home was destroyed and demolition is next step. My heart breaks to see the home destroyed but trying to get excited over a new set of memories.
It’s myself and my husband and would like to rebuild around 1900 sq ft
His idea is a master jack and Jill set up so we each will have separate areas.
Sharing bath and closet.
He is a neat freak and I am a stuff it type but make it pretty type lol
So sharing vanity /bath area won’t work for me I’m afraid.
He has given in to bedroom 14x14 , closets
And walk in shower just for him!!!
He has a queen bed with dresser and chest of drawers.
Thinking about maybe putting all except bed in closet since most of men’s closet is shorter and should hang above.
Now having said all this do you have ideas for a jack and Jill master set up?
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gail dent

Why dont you try : 1) two single beds pushed together for comfort of sleeping well. or 2) dont be embarassed to have 2 completely seperate rooms. Sometimes this improves your sex life I have been told!!


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