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I am in the project management business and for me some important rules to remember are:

Have a very clear idea of what you want

Write it down within an inch of its life. What is in your head and comes out of you mouth are different. What the builder hears and what he does are different. Before you know it the green widget ends up being a blue dooverlacky.

Keep constant constant supervision.

if you have plans then review them. Review them again. Ask someone else to review them. Don't be offended if they make comment. Check quantities, check that the quantities that you need are available.

Do not rely on the advice of 'experts' in shops. I renovated a living room. A large one at that. Put in the wrong down lights. They make the room look like the MCG at night. Took advice from another bloke about someone to frame up a jack wall and install a door. I was clear about some aspects and the end result was very ordinary.

Ans something that does irk me is people trying all the ideas they see on television into a house that is the wrong size or the wrong era. How often do you see whopping great big lounges stuffed into small spaces?

So it's about communication, it's about supervision and it's about knowing what you want and what suits your space.

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ALLCITY Bathroom and Kitchens

We couldn't agree more! Thank you for explaining the nuances of renovating in easy terms.

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All valid comments, although' I have yet to see painted tiles that don't look like painted tiles.

Richard Blake


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