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I can't I have a lot of stuff and I all need them

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Nadia Najjar

I've lived in my small rented unit for 26 years now, surrounded by my many books and interesting things that I've gathered over my lifetime. I'm almost 79 and live alone, so my home is designed to make ME happy...!

I live on just my pension now, so I enjoy buying clothes and household items in the many op-shops close by. I love my little place and have a small courtyard garden that is FULL of plants too, so I could NEVER be a minimalist.....! And people tell me my home doesn't look at all looks "loved and lived in..." which is just how I like it...... :)

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@Nadia Najjar,

To me personally, I don't think my kind of minimalist is about being void of posessions or belongings but more about having things you love and hence they then have a purpose but they also have a place.

I would consider my home just a tad past minimalist now but not much and I have surrounded myself in an orderly way, with the things that mean something to me.


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