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I recently moved to a smaller home which forced me to take stock of what I really wanted to keep. When it came to unpacking I realized I still kept too much stuff. I forced myself to let go of all the things I thought could be useful in any number of new projects I always dream that one day I will have time to accomplish. My new home is now not only decluttered, but I don’t feel guilty about not getting around to doing projects I don’t have time to do.
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I was greatly influenced by the Konmari method after reading that book. (The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up) It started with my undie / bra drawer which was a jumbled mess such that I couldn't find what I wanted in the morning. Rolling every item up and categorizing them into little neat boxes was so rewarding that I smiled whenever I opened that drawer. It changed me. Most recently I tossed out 90% of my work clothes which included about 45 skirts and 6 suits. After retirement, they all reminded me of work, and I no longer wanted to be reminded of that. When I can't sleep in the middle of the night, I will get up and make a chai tea latte. During the three minutes that it is heating, I will work on a pile of bills that I keep in a cabinet nearby, carefully blacking out all the critical, personal information on each one with a special device, preparing them for the trash. De-cluttering can be so satisfying.
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