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Alison Hodgson

It can be overwhelming keeping a home. I find it especially so in the summer when there's so much to do inside and out. Just this morning I was thinking about how much it takes to keep a household going, and animals and other humans certainly add to it.

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@Alison Hodgson,

Too true Alison.

We live on a farm and as part of our off season income we "property sit" and that usually includes feeding cattle mainly and currently we are feeding two lambs for six weeks and yesterday I fed two calves for another client yesterday whilst they had time away for the day and we feed 100 head of cattle every two days for another client for 6 weeks AND I also help milk 200 cows for another neighbour and help feed 50 calves on the weekends!!

Coupled with this is the home duties, cooking and visitors etc... and all I seem to be doing is washing, folding, dishes, wiping benches or cooking ha-ha

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><md>I loved your article! It really helps people, and it helps me. Thank you for writing it... I will save it for it to be at hand

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