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Jennifer Wanigasekera

Architects act, wasn't much use to me when a registered architect took 50% of the fee, did a tiny bit of work and dissapeared overseas. Reading what Maris said I interpreted it as she has heard of so many bad experiences, she did not say she was subject to them and needing advice? Unfortunately not every professional holds themself to a reputable standard, there is so much demand out there they can just play a numbers game and continue to make money. I don't believe any person associated with building or renovating would have only dealt with the right people, all the time. We all have war stories but you do build a team of people you trust, as with any business.

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manpreet singh bains

It depends upon which country you live, if you are living in corrupt country where there is commision in pay from every contractor, carpenter etc. Then you can't follow architect or other persons more.

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Trish J
I assumed renovating for profit was different to renovating to live in. I've done both. At home I tend to agonize over decisions, consider different permutations, design effects and horror of horrors change my mind. On a project for profit the decisions are always easy, strategy is in place, budget guidelines set and time is of the essence. Even without trade skills other skills can come into play including people skills, good relationship building (inclusive of prompt payment), purchasing and obviously project management.

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