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We are building a new home made of limestone in western victoria and we have made plans to have ceiling fans in all the bedrooms as well as the kitchen and lounge.
We are living in a very small relocatable home at present and have a ceiling fan in the bedroom and it's on on almost every night to just take away that "close" or "tacky" feeling in a very small room.
It feels like you are breathing more fresh air, even though it is really only circulating the air in the room.
We can't alway have the window open on a warm night if it's raining for example, so the fan is very refreshing.
We know our limestone home will be quite cool in summer with it's natural insulation properties and we are having a very high roof insulation factor of 7, blinds and curtains on all the windows but more importantly, 360* veranda's, so we should be very well equiped for the hottest days sometimes up to 40* but more often at least 35* still hot especially if we get consecutive days of high temperatures.
We hope that we will not have to rely on the air conditioner as much as we do now in such a tiny home and so ultimately the power bill should be as you've mentioned allot less.
This forum has been most helpful especially the comment about making sure that downlights aren't too close to the fan to avoid the flickering effect, this type of light flickering induces a migrain for me, strange I know but it's great to know how to avoild that pitfall.
Also good to know the height from the ceiling and the type of fan that best suits humid heat versus dry heat.
Thanks for the great information.
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Liz Durnan
Sounds like a wonderful house Barbara. Good luck with the build – and the ceiling fans!
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EID Fans

This is a great article with lots of information regarding ceiling fans. Well done Liz!


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