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i feel you

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atw016: Gonna use that if I ever get a new house. Right needs a complete gut job! :)

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I'm about to join the limit shoes in the house camp after 67 years of never seeing this in action. It is a great idea.

I recently got a simple/non programmable Roomba. I love it so much. $200 has changed my life. I have a very big shedding dog who has a dog bed in the bedroom. My significant other objected to the hair. I did vacuum with an old fashioned vacuum but you can't do a good job if you have a lot of furniture low to the ground and it was just backbreaking and time consuming . And it did a poor job in the corners and along the baseboards. That Roomba scoots under everything with real dedication and has these little whirring brushes that make quick work of the edges and corners. It's a miracle.

The dog is not allowed on the beautiful ecru cotton mattlessae sp? couch. Dogs are trainable. Cats would ignore you certainly.

I don't get it about the teabags. Do people pile them up to reuse them ?

I'm a piler not a filer-enough said. It's the bane of my life because I think anything that I read is either interesting or important. I keep the file folder people in business. Someday I will rent a dumpster and set it all on fire. My children will be happy.

I make sure to go to bed in a clean peaceful bedroom and to do the dishes before bedtime. This hardly creates miraculous order though. I really think that some people are neat by nature and that for others it is an enormous effort.



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