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Raw Beetroot Pty Ltd
Yes Joanna. It is a great idea that works, especially since children are very visual. There are so many nice options available to fit in with all kinds of decor too.
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Molly Gee
Haha, we just rearranged our 15 year old son's room last Sunday. He had fairly strong ideas about what he wanted where, so we moved furniture, sacrificed the small bookshelf section of his desk and now he has heaps of extra floor space and a much more open room. And with no shelves under the window, I'm thinking some curtains for extra colour and another layer of warmth for the winter months.
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One of my friends has an ADD kid who cannot keep his room tidy. She cleaned it up and took a photo of each wall and displayed the photos on the walls so he could see how it should be. It helped. Also some kids get overwhelmed by too much stuff. Try putting some toys away till winter, and get them to give away ones they have outgrown. Works for clothes too.

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