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Vanessa Walker

@AD Architecture. Thank you for your comment. Yes architectural designers in NZ have contributed a lot to the construction industry and we will do a separate article on why you should hire one. However we will always treat architects and architectural designers separately because they are two different professions with different qualifications. In addition, this article originally ran in Australia where there are some legal moves underway in different states to reserve the word 'architect', (and some associated terms, such as 'architectural' ) for people who have a degree in architecture. Therefore, in Australia, it is problematic to use the term 'architectural designers'.

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I was a bit surprised to read how many people here were not happy with the cooperation and outcome when working with an architect! I need to add a positive comment here! We built a house in New Zealand 8 years ago with the help of an architect. It was meant to be our "forever home", my husband and I were 60 at the time. We had lived in a few houses before and knew our needs and wants. I had read many books about architecture and collected lots of photos on HOUZZ before we started working with our architect. I gave him a floorplan I drew which would work well for us and told him about our wishes (different ceiling heights in the open plan living/dining/cooking area, a u-shaped kitchen with a bump-out to get more light in, lots of in-built furniture, long views through the house, no long hallways and lots more). Our section was small and had an awkward shape. We were not allowed to build higher than 4.2 meters. We had a nice view to the south side (no sun from there in NZ) and the house would be very close to neighbouring houses on the sunny side. The architect came to our section and took photos. My plan was useless, because of the height restriction on our section. The architect then cut out every room from my plan and moved it around until everything came together. Working with our architect was a pleasure and we got what we wanted. Our house was not a cheap house to build, but the architect considered where we could save some money. We live in that house now for more than 7 years. We would not change a thing! Everybody who comes into our house for the first time is just in awe about how different our house is! I have to say that we did not plan for re-sale. Most people here think already about how much money they can make in a few years, when they are going to sell their house!

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VORBILD Architecture

So nice to hear angelikagebhard, this needed a positive feedback. Many thanks for sharing, all the Best!

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