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Photo of an expansive contemporary three-storey brick brown duplex exterior in London with a flat roof, a mixed roof and a grey roof.
Francesco Pierazzi Architects
Francesco Pierazzi Architects
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Contemporary Exterior, London

The project sets out to remodel of a large semi-detached Victorian villa, built approximately between 1885 and 1911 in West Dulwich, for a family who needed to rationalize their long neglected house to transform it into a sequence of suggestive spaces culminating with the large garden. The large extension at the back of the property as built without Planning Permission and under the framework of the Permitted Development. The restricted choice of materials available, set out in the Permitted Development Order, does not constitute a limitation. On the contrary, the design of the façades becomes an exercise in the composition of only two ingredients, brick and steel, which come together to decorate the fabric of the building and create features that are expressed externally and internally.