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Design ideas for a modern living room in Mumbai.

Into the Zen: Peace in the Concrete Jungle.

Modern Living Room, Mumbai

This 2,400 sq. ft. apartment in Juhu is a study in tone-on-tone layering and the subtle strength of multidimensional textures. It has been designed and styled for a young couple and their 4-year-old son. Zen-like immersiveness is the result of working with the natural energies of the space. Seamlessness and continuity reflects the infinite allure of the earth, sky, and horizon, captured in neutral hues. Furniture has been customized to focus on versatility of cohesive styling on one hand, and practical storage needs on the other. A harmonious blend of architectural and rounded silhouettes orchestrate with layered rugs, as well as spherical nested tables, centre tables, or corner tables in wood and marble. An open plan layout accentuates the spatial appeal of the drawing room and dining area, with a statement dining table in high grade marble. A mindful ode to environmentally conscious details, the master bedroom has a handmade sisal wall covering, chosen for its durability, textured elegance, and sense of breathable expansiveness.