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kitchen design dilemma - i want everything in a small kitchen!

9 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Hi We'd really appreciate any design ideas you might have on my little dilemma. We have a small kitchen which is about 8.1m2. As you can see in the floor plan it's closed off from the lounge but we're wanting to knock out that wall and put in a breakfast bar so its more of an open living space. We're on the 1st floor of an apartment block and i want to maximise the limited amount of light there is. The kitchen window faces west. You can see what we're roughly thinking in the 3d model pics (ignore the overkill splashback and gaps in the cupboards!). A thing to note also is that there's a little side room which is 1.20(w)x3m(l) where half of it will be a laundry. We think there are a couple problems with what you can see in the 3d model pics and we'd love your opinion on them: - We want to have a fridge in the kitchen (obviously!) and i think the only place it can go is on the side of the kitchen in the pics but i think that potentially poses a problem in restricting the amount of light that bounces through to the lounge. Also i'm not sure if having the fridge swing open onto the breakfast bar is a good thing. The other option is to tuck the fridge away in the laundry but i'm not sure of the logistics or if i would need to knock out a larger opening with the laundry entrance. - We're keen on having a larger floor to ceiling style pantry but we're not sure where it could really go. I think the side of the kitchen that's to the right of the window is too narrow for any pantry cabinet (270mm from window to wall) without some of the window being blocked. I don't think the pantry can go on the side with fridge and oven because i don't think there's enough room. Do i give up on trying to put in a pantry cabinet? Do you have any other thoughts on how the general layout of the major items can be improved? Thanks for taking the time to read through this. cheers Mike and Emma

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