New Marble Tile Shower Problems

8 years ago
1. The bottom row of Carrera marble tiles (that meet the floor tiles) have water stain marks that don't go away.
This is the second lot of tiles this has happened to as they had been replaced and resealed and now it's happened again. We are stuck with this problem.

2. Water is seeping through a grout line on the shower floor. The grout line is damp looking and when it's pressed water seeps through (strange). Our shower floor is porcelain and is under tile heated.

3. Shower glass door is now catching and rubbing on shower wall on the opening side.

All these problems ... The shower is part of a complete master ensuite renovation finished 10 months ago at a cost of over $70,000.00
We haven't used our shower on a regular basis because of tile problems so on average its been used approx. 4 times a week. We dry the whole shower down every time its used.

All the marble showers I've seen on HOUZZ are beautiful... Why me?

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