So new house :) FRONT VIEW - A bit of advice needed please..

Italian Girl
4 years ago

Still no where near finished!!!

Back view is much nicer....but I will wait until it's closer to being finished to take a photo and show you all.

This is NOT the colour - It's only the under coat of the acrylic render....the actual colour is finished on top of the garage if you can see it in the photo. It's called Dulux Colorbond Dune. Can't wait for the rest of the house to be rendered to get rid of those orange bricks and that cement look!!!

I'm just wondering if I could get your opinion on what colour to do the aluminium slats that will be going across the fence? Some say I should go dark like the roof (Monument) but I'm thinking to match it to the windows and do the colour 'Surfmist' which is like a white colour (light grey, looks white)

Same as garage? What colour?? and should I do an Alucobond garage door?

Thanks all :)

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