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pool pavers - porcelain tiles or travertine?

6 years ago
We are renovating our 17-year old in-ground pool with the Jewels 4 Pools FC50 finish. Replacing the paver copers and surrounding paved areas is not an easy choice. These are on concrete slabs - approx. 30m2 around the pool plus an adjoining 60m2 under an oiled timber deck.

We like the look of travertine for the copers and surrounds but think a similar looking external porcelain tile (good quality like Aquitaine or Danimarca) under the deck would be easier to keep clean and reduce risks of decking oil stain, wine, etc. which we understand could not be removed from travertine. The original claypave pavers under the deck also showed some minor efflorescence.

Advice from a trusted landscaper is that we would find travertine a problem with stains and upkeep around the pool, let alone under the deck, so we are wary. We are told that using dry treat sealer on travertine should give 15-years protection, but don’t see how this would help if moisture leads to efflorescence. This has made us consider a porcelain tile for everything, and mean extra cost for the mitred apron on the coper tiles.

The counter-argument is that we have heard of problems with porcelain tiles on/near pools with chipping, staining and marking.

So we would appreciate comments and guidance from anyone who has used these choices in similar situations. Thanks for any contributions here.

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