Before & After: Renovation of our 1956 red-brick triple-fronted home

Nicole A
5 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Here are some images of the new kitchen to start things off:

BEFORE (old dining room location now the kitchen):

BEFORE (old kitchen location now the dining room):


The space where the microwave is will fit a steam oven (gotta wait for the very empty coffers to fill up a bit!)

You can see the little galley-style walk-in pantry at the far right. This is the back wall. It can be seen from the living areas, so I opted for drawers and upper cupboards so everything is neatly tucked away from view:

And this is the front, with open shelving and room for appliances (plus the shelf under the bench will fit the MW when I get that steam oven):

My tiled backsplash, which I love. These are 300x600 tiles but they look like individual hexagons, some matt, some gloss, some etched in a lacy-leafy pattern. Really lovely - photo doesn't do it justice.

And my pendant lights. I wanted something a little different than the standard 3 matching pendants over the island:

A huge thank you to the Houzz community for all your advice and input, especially the amazingly talented and incredibly generous siriuskey and oklouise.

I am thrilled with the outcome! I'll try to post pics of the rest of the house soon :)

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