Bathroom + Laundry Layout

Kate Schleicher
last month

We are looking at renovating our laundry and bathroom, it’s already awkward as the laundry comes off the living area which you have to walk through to enter the bathroom. Currently due to the layout of the living area it’s not feasible to have seperate entries.

First pic is the current layout. Second pic is roughly what we’re thinking, converting entrance door to a barn door, knocking out the seperate toilet to have more light (there is a large window in the current seperate toilet) and a long bench space in the laundry. Adding the seperate toilet back into the current bathroom space then looking to keep bath / shower / vanity +/- second toilet in the bathroom. The bay window kills me but all our visitors seem to love it so will probably retain but will have to look at improving the privacy somehow too?!

Would love opinions / new eyes as I can’t think of a better layout!


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