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Best layout for this laundry

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Hi everyone, I am renovating my laundry and would like to get as much storage in it as possible, including a space to charge batteries for vacuum and a space to hand brooms , mops etc. Here are the dimensions.

I am really hoping that you could help me with a layout that will maximise the use of this room. There will be washing machine and drier in it too, as well as a laundry sink and then the rest, I would like to maximise storage facilities in it.

ABOVE PICTURE IS ONLY CORRECT FOR LOCATION OF TAPS. THE PICTURE BELOW IS THE CORRECT ONE FOR DIMENSIONS. Long wall is only 2602mm (not 2850mm). There is 781mm to the left of the window. Window is 904mm wide and there is 917mm to the right of the window. The window is 1483mm from the ground and is 900mm in height. For some reason my drawing (which is meant to be below, isn't loading). One the left long wall, the doorway is 820mm and the remainder of the wall is 1785mm (and just the small bit in corner for door frame on left of door).

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