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ALL new floor timber where 1/3 of the flooring timber doesnt match

4 years ago

I have just had a new Blackbutt timber floor and after the coatings were applied you could obviously see that the 1st Pallet of timber that was put down is different from the remaining 2 pallets

The company that supplied the timber has admitted that there was 6 months difference in the timber batches between 1st pallet and remaining 2 pallets. I am furious as the floor looks awful. I have spent nearly $350 K on a renovation and the floor was supposed to be the show piece of the works. Now I have to hide the difference with furniture and rugs or sand it back an attempt to stain the lighter color 1/3rd of the floor. The floor has cost me $16K...wonder what my rights are with this...The company that supplied the timber is a well known supplier. The picture does not do the difference in color justice..it looks a lot worse ! When the floor was being put down there was no difference in the appearance of the unpolished timber...I actually wanted and liked the light color as that is why I bought the Australiana Blackbutt. It has been suggested to me by a professional that one is SELECT grade and the other STANDARD which makes sense because the darker timber has more natural faults. This has REALLY upset me (already had High BP and now finding it harder to control) This has all happened at then end of a long and expensive renovation ...really really down about the result

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