The Towel Rail Dilemma

2 days ago

I am planning the renovation of a tiny bathroom - 1850 x 1820. There is room for a shower and vanity only. The plan is to use a open glass panel shower screen (1000mm) along the 1820mm wall. I am installing a combination rain/handheld shower. Given the layout of the room, I’m struggling to find a decent space for a towel rail. The designer suggested hooks - but I am fairly vehemently opposed to the idea - I think they’re a bad idea in humid Queensland conditions.

Question: Are my towels likely to get wet if I place towel rails on the wall at the end of the shower space (1820mm)??

If they are, then I’m looking at trying to build a niche behind the door so that I can hang the towels there and still open the door fully.

A pocket door isn’t on the cards. I have toyed with the idea of an outward opening door, but the bathroom is located in the middle of a hallway which services three bedrooms…..

I’d be grateful for the thoughts of the Houzz brains trust.


Ignore the shower screen and vanity measurements in the attached drawing - I’ve decided on a 1000mm glass panel and a 750mm vanity and recessed shaving cabinet mounted flush with the left hand wall. I have also decided not to go with the tiled bench seat in the shower - I’ll use a freestanding seat if I end up needing one!

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