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A House As A Work Of Art . . . . . . . . .

2 months ago

Of course , lots of architects have descibed their designs as works of art , lots of builders have described their work as a work of art , lots of owners have described the finished product as a work of art , and of course millions of real estate agents have described billions of houses they are selling as works of art .

So what happens when an owner gives $5 million plus to an architect and builder , and says they want the result to be a work of art ? Well , here in New Zealand , you might win the Master Buiulders Supreme House Of The Year Award .

Lets have a look at what you get for your money --

Umm -- you get a wall . A red brick wall . Don't all houses have a wall or 4 ? So would you feel ripped off ?

Oh , okay , its a little bit tricky , but its still a couple of red brick walls . $5 million -- surely someone is taking a laugh ?

Oh , I see , its a little bit tricky . But its still a red brick wall . With holes .

This is the main entrance . In red bricks . Its got a curve , So a bit of imagination , but its been done on 1000's of office buildings . Nothing to see here .

Oh , thats the inside of the wall . Ummm , okay , maybe it does have potential .

So who wants to see what a $5million plus Supreme House Of The Year winner looks like ?

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