Farmhouse style bathroom help

Mary Pianka
last month

We're starting to think about the design of our bathroom re-model. It's not big: 2030 X 3800 and set under the eaves of the old verandah space.

We will keep the layout basically as is: adding a free standing bath under the window; removing the box like shower and adding a screen instead. We don't mind the water splash as it's just the 2 of us here with family visiting occasionally. I love my long baths, so that feature stays. We'll keep the vanity, changing the hardware and mirror to be more in tune with this country farmhouse style.

I'd like to add a teal accent tile that rises about 1200 high, just around the toilet and bath area.

We've settled on a dark gray floor tile, laid in a brick pattern from door to wall.

The ceiling will be enclosed in v-joint panelling similar to what we've done in the adjacent kitchen, and the immediate entry area to the bathroom (about 1/3 way in to the room) would also have the Vj panelling running horizontally to the floor.


* From the far right corner to end of shower, I am wondering how it would look to go full length floor to ceiling with the teal feature subway tile.

* Would panelling and tile be complimentary, design-wise? I like this look:

* Window ideas? I don't like the dark finish and wondering about adding something slightly larger and more on a landscape profile. Current window seems out of proportion to me. Privacy not an issue as this opens to a courtyard. But costs are a consideration.

* Any suggestions welcome!

Thank you in advance.

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