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mid Century modern bathroom ideas

23 days ago

Ok hive mind, pickle jar brains, brain boxes, ai and savants – I have a question for you.

We have a mid century modern home with some truly striking features, one of which is the bathroom set up. When we bought the house, our quote was – “That bathroom is so bad its awesome!” – it was in working order – so up until this point we have left it alone.

However- to everything comes a time and the time has come to think about changing-

Mainly because this set up does not function as great as you might imagine, it uses an incredible amount of space and it is not accessible for people with disability..

The three room set up that the bathroom and toilet encompasses takes up enough room for a small flat in new York or Japan! What would you do if you had the chance?

Caveats- where ever possible materials are sustainable and forever.

No off gassing or harmful materials

No shower curtain or stall (wet room)

What do you think? If someone actually had a degree or some kind of qualification/experience and wanted to videochat/ text with us and spend maybe an hour thinking and an hour chatting I would be willing to spend a bit of cash to try to get a good idea going.

Thanks all and have a great day

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