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This is a bit personnel, but here goes.

About 12 years ago, after a life dislocation, I had psychological counselling for two years. The path I took with the counsellor was basically mirrored by this article.

This led to a greater understanding of my emotions and the root causes of them, and then to a more empathetic outlook on life. This in turn affected my appreciation of architecture and the realisation that people react to the 'feeling' of a building, a space or a colour more than they do to the 'spizzyness'. To many architects try to be original but end up with buildings with no feeling or worse - the wrong feeling.

So now I design to match my clients emotional wants and not necessarily just to a 'form follows function' approach. I am happier and so are my clients.

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for me it is nature that helps me through the darkness and always has been - so I have lots of blue and green (my favourite colour is turquoise), but of overriding importance is the view through the window. I have been lucky enough to live semi rural, and beside a river in my last two homes, so my home is a bit of a mish mash of bohemian rustic /riverside lodge/ gypsy caravan/ Scandinavian holiday bach, and my decor has a predominant theme of forest, field or beach with a splash of folk art! Hmmm sounds busy, but I try (really I do!) to keep it serene and uncluttered. Because I also love wide open spaces, and the brightness of daylight in every room.

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Genius! Finally an article that helps me understand , myself. Now, how do I incorporate my hubbys style...... hmmmmm.

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