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This article is fabulous and has given me some new goals.
I love plants , I have my house plants scattered around everywhere ( and I must admit I have some artificial ones mixed in with the real ones) I’ve always had plants in my house.
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Richard Crossing

It is possible to make almost any plant and indoor plant. But it does require a bit of work. The idea is simple, have a few suitably sized pots with a saucer, and rotate from outside to inside every couple of days. Works well with aromatic plants as well such as gardenias. Terrific when plants of almost any type are in flower too. Best to avoid windows where hot sun rays may affect the plant. Also not too close to the A/C or heater outlet. If watered the day before moving inside the plants generally should not need watering over the couple of days they are inside.

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Very interesting and encouraging. Identifying the plants shown would have been handy.


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