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I started reading with enthusiasm, until "And with open-plan boudoirs that blend the bedroom, bathroom and robe into one on the rise . ." The bath tub in the bedroom has some appeal when on holidays at a beach resort where someone else cleans it every day and the open robes look lovely in display homes and real estate listings when they are styled with nothing more than a gracefully draped designer dress and a trendy brand-name shopping bag, but when I click on anything containing words like 'design' and 'storage' I'm hoping for practical suggestions applicable to real world everyday living. Fortunately the rest was informative, though basic. Among the details I've looked into are how to ensure good quality low-outgassing MDF, how best to store trousers especially when partner prefers to leave his belts in, how to utilise all that higher space effectively so that it doesn't simply become a junk magnet for items you don't need to reach every day.

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Agree totally with macymacmaples. Tried the open wardrobe thing, but as my clothes are not all brand new perfectly color coordinated designer items, and even the hangers are not all the same etc etc, it just did not look vaguely as appealing as all the lovely totally unrealistic photos that designers take. Back to doors now.
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We just have purchased our walk-in wardrobe with sliding doors for the exact reasons Elisabeth and macyjean mention. We gave it a lot of thought how we were going to use the space - measure, measure and imagine: how much space you have to walk around, how much or little stuff we have, how many shoes. We also chose an automatic light switch inside the actual wardrobe.

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