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Loretta Smith
Wow Houzz timing I have just dismantled a wardrobe/bed head and transformed into one of two wardrobe spaces, my theory is go to the ceiling if practical, think about what you want to hang or find, dust on clothes in an open wardrobe will always happen, use vacuum with brush attachment. Work in progress but it won’t take long, I am determined
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To banish smell from shoes - good old Shannon Lush (you'll find her books on cleaning in any bookshop) again suggests putting a piece of chalk in every shoe box (I use the $2 clear plastic ones) which keeps moisture at bay. She does give other suggestions for really smelly things like boys' sneakers. I'd suggest in open wardrobes using clothing bags for suits and good dresses or even the smaller ones which just fit over the shoulders.

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For NZ-based Houzzers that like the look of that pull down wardrobe rail and haven't seem them in New Zealand, we'd like you to know that Fit are the NZ distributors of Ambos, a range of quality wardrobe fittings designed and made in Italy. The Ambos range includes several wardrobe lift models.

These are fantastic for making use of high space that would otherwise be wasted because it's so hard to reach. Ideal for storing out of season clothing or for specialist items that you don't use regularly.

Some images below. Check our our Ambos Project on Houzz here or check out Ambos wardrobe lifts on our website here.


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