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Luke Buckle
Manual machines all the way. Capsules are a blight on quality, IMHO.
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Storewall Australia

Yes manual machine is best but the challenge is really in the beans and finding the one you like that will also perform the same way at home as it does with the barista. The pressure and the grind can make such a difference in performance.

I have purchased beans from a roaster I really enjoy but then found that trying the get the grind right so that the machine could make the coffee was quite a challenge.

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Susan Vale
Storewall Australia, that's true and I find I need to vary the grind slightly as the coffee gets less fresh (if I am a little slow in consuming it). That's why I love my set up as its all digitally controlled from grind size and time to water temp and through time. Once you learn how to adjust this you can make it right as the coffee varies. I just did Barista duty for a church get together this weekend and had people coming up to me complimenting the coffee and asking about my machine and beans and how to learn to make coffee like that. I was flat out making coffee on a table in the open most of the event and the machine never missed a beat.

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