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Daniel Lindahl Architecture

Becblair, that's right, the thin end is just clamped in by the thick end, and has freedom to move with thermal changes. The western wall would be particularly susceptible to this. However, the main concern is mostly just shrinkage from drying over time. This is not so critical for old weatherboards or chamferboards where most of the shrinkage has already happened. Green hardwood is likely to shrink up to 10% across the grain as it dries. Where in Queensland are you? I'm in Brisbane. Feel free to phone me for anything you would like to discuss further. You can find my phone number on my website.

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Thanks Daniel for your clarification. I live in Toowoomba, and when I purchased this house, it had been neglected for some time. I researched it’s age to pre 1892. I hope to replace the weather boards on the western side in the next 12months. I am wondering though, if it would be better to use screws rather than nails? Thanking you in advance. Rebecca

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Anna Rhees

That first diagram is not accurate regarding nailing and would fail inspection here in NZ. Nails need to go through only one weatherboard to give the boards room to expand and contract. The weatherboards should be nailed just high enough to clear the top of the weatherboard under, pinning but not nailing through the board below.

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