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My island is 1200 x 900 with no sink or stove stealing space, Plenty of space to prep and serve up for family of five. I have one power point but want a second, as I often use electric frypan and then something else.

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I just don’t get the thing of having folk perched on stools at the bench when the table is a few steps into the open plan living area! My bench is 3 metre long and wide enough for drawers both sides, breakfast fixings and snack foods live in top drawers nearest the table out of the work area which keeps everything family friendly. I have 2 single dish drawers but one larger sink which works for me as I put used stuff straight into the DW not the sink.

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Mykky48 it depends on the type of entertaining you enjoy. We love nothing better than sitting along our bench while my husband (literally) mans the kitchen dishing up a continuous stream of culinary delights. Its like our own private tapas bar. In our new build the dining table will be adjacent, a great spot for more formal or traditional meals or a place to spread out with the weekend papers and a coffee. Kitchen design, if you are fortunate enough to get to choose, should always be a reflection of how you eat and live.


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