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@Helen Evans-Turner,

Hi Helen,

I haven't but as my pictures show above, I have stainless and wood but varying thicknesses on purpose as the wood is the overhang and I like the height variation for interest.

My niece is living in a house at present that has the same material but the work area is 900mm high I'm guessing and she has a lower section on the side in a semi wrap around with normal seating height that would be about 700mm and it looks great, seats about 3 chairs and is used instead of having a table as the room is quite small.

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Gilbert Wong

Hi Anne (or anyone else pls :-) )

We have a Cooktop bench of 900mm height, does it make sense for us to make the Island bench 920mm in height for it to stand out please?

The island bench has dimension of 3m x 1.05m

thanks all

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Hi Gilbert,

I have a bench that is 900mm high and wide with a further raised timber section for bar stool seating so overall width is now 1400mm, so I can't reach across it easily. I decided to raise the timber so it didn't look too wide and boring, it adds characher but it is not designed to be a work area, just seating and eating.

I don't have a cooktop nor a sink as I had a friend with a sink in her island and it always looked messy to me with water splashed and dishes in the sink, so that sealed the deal for me and I opted to have my cooktop against a wall so it was easy to fit the rangehood this way too. I do have some pics in this thread.

I think island benches now are a "fashion" statement and look amazing without anything, especially a rangehood perched above it for me looses some appeal. I do all my prep work on it and can make multiple dishes because of the available area. I have a few plants and a cutting board at one end and that's it but trust me, your island will stand out because of its size.

I would be concerrned if you raise the bench to 920mm, it might not be so user friendly as 900mm is really considered the "perfect" height for most average height people.

If like me you are not that tall, 900mm is a little too high for me but I live with it. It also depends on whether this will be your "forever" home because trying to sell a home with unusually high benchtops, even 20mm could be difficult?

Perhaps speak to your kitchen guy or company, they do so many annually they would know if it is an acceptable idea?

Good luck.

Cheers, Barbara

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