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Lisa Imbruglia

Rose Miller! Pure essential oils are not to go near food utensils. Trace elements may stay. It is well documented that pets can be harmed if inhaling too many oils. And there are only very few that can be ingested. I’m all for the oils but for their right purpose.

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Lea R

Yes, Nilodor works, but I can't stand the smell of it! Make sure you like it before using it in your home.

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Having a smallish garden bed where my kitty could toilet became a stinky issue especially during summer. The urine not the faeces was the problem, I regularly collected and disposed of that.

I use bi-carb inside as a cleaner and odour remover so in desperation I put a layer of it on the garden bed and miracle of miracles it worked, no more smelly cat pee problem! The plants didn't mind it either in case you're worried.

I thought I'd invented a new solution but last week I saw the tip in print so it must be official lol. Try it.

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