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emme designs
Space Planning Services in Caulfield North, Victoria
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars27December,2015
“We contacted Emmy after meeting with other designers who weren’t quite what we were looking for. From our first meeting we were comfortable that Emmy was listening to us and had plenty of ideas to offer. We had a house that hadn’t been touched since it was built in the early 80s. It was in need of a major update, including some changes to internal walls to make more efficient use of space. We had a layout sketch and a list of ideas, but that was about it. After consultation, Emmy came to us with a presentation which included detailed plans, room concepts, finish and accessory ideas and material samples. This gave our project a tangible end-result which excited us. Emmy arranged a builder and tradesmen who were easy to work with and did a great job. She kept us regularly updated about the project, including the schedule and the work behind the scenes. Unforseen problems are inevitable in a project of this scale, and the few that arose were dealt with quickly and without fuss. The whole project took around 12 months as we chose to live in the house while the work went on around us. Thanks to the friendly and understanding builder together with Emmy’s enthusiastic encouragement, the time spent “living in a building site” seemed to pass quickly. The end result exceeded our expectations… the house is liveable, comfortable and a delight to look at. It is a year since the project was completed, and still every day I look around the house and smile. I have no hesitation in recommending Emmy for a major house update. John - Mitcham”
My Beautiful Abode
Space Planning Services in Caulfield North, Victoria
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars29August,2014
“Sophie enjoys a love of decorating and has wonderful ideas on how to bring a room to life, using colour and texture. These design solutions have transformed the interior of my house, both aesthetically and functionally, while working to a budget. I was very excited to bring Sophie's ideas to life after she left and now have some very beautiful spaces in my home.”
Edwina Harris Interior Design
Space Planning Services in Caulfield North, Victoria
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars11September,2016
“We wanted to present our home in the best way possible for sale in Malvern East. That's when our real estate agent Hocking Stuart put us in touch with Edwina Harris. From the first meeting, she established an excellent understanding and vision of how we wanted to present our home and lots of practical advice on what existing furnishings could be used, and how to declutter our home so that buyers could envision the spaces and create an open look that still allowed the personality of our home to shine through. The attention to detail, together with a 'now' feeling for the home, brought with it style, a display home standard presentation, and took the hassle out of what is one of a key element you want in selling your home. A home stylist that came out, met our brief and needs perfectly and we were super happy with the feedback and auction results.”
Tennille Joy Interiors
Space Planning Services in Caulfield North, Victoria
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars27August,2014
“Tenille consulted with us in planning our ensuite bathroom renovation. The new layout she designed is a winner, and something we just hadn't thought of! Moving the vanity unit and toilet onto a different wall really opens the room up, making it feel roomier and more elegant. We were very grateful for Tenille's patient handling of our enquiry, for her ready understanding of our needs, and pleasant way of suggesting solutions. We can recommend her for her expertise and friendly manner, which made us feel comfortable working with her. Thank you Tenille!”
GDP Interior Design
Space Planning Services in Caulfield North, Victoria
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars22September,2016
“Giuliana is wonderfully creative, extremely knowledgable, very professional, intuitive about design and has a great eye for detail. She had brilliant ideas to suit our space and budget.”
Atlas Architects
Space Planning Services in Caulfield North, Victoria
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars23November,2015
“Creative, attentive, efficient, hard working, totally professional and focused on great creative outcomes, these young architects have been a delight to work with. From creative schemes to detailed plans to working with councils, statutory authorities, builders and tradesmen, they couple a youthful innovative approach with a practical hands on attention to building, construction, planning , timelines and budgets which gets the job done. They are conscious of budget and value and have over- delivered at every step of the client architect relationship and Project. Young minds and old heads. We would work with them again in a heartbeat. And I would unhesitatingly recommend them to anyone.”
Brinnie T Design
Space Planning Services in Caulfield North, Victoria
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars19August,2017
“Jo redesigned my 13 year old daughters bedroom with a brief of "no longer a kids bedroom" with a small budget to work with she achieved an amazing result that my daughter and we love. Great job! So happy that my daughter has a space she loves and suits her needs and was achieved within the budget we set.”
Jane Cameron Architects
Space Planning Services in Caulfield North, Victoria
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars23May,2014
“We wanted a garden studio that could also provide extra accommodation when necessary; we have a seaside location which draws family and friends at holiday time. Our house is a traditional 50's stone place so we wanted something to blend in but to also add some contemporary pizzazz. Jane listened carefully to our needs and not so definite brief but came up with a very interesting, practical design which we really liked. She also linked this space design wise to an enclosed courtyard and pergola; unifying the north facing and sheltered back yard. This was probably the only real specification that we provided, that all would function as a whole with scope to add through planting of coastal and indigenous plant species. Jane's creative flair certainly has achieved this, she was always responsive and efficiently came up with practical solutions when we had questions. It has been easy to work with her because of her willingness to focus on the task at each step of the way; keeping us on track in our meanderings! The builders have been impressed with her attention to design detail.”
Patrick Meneguzzi Interiors
Space Planning Services in Caulfield North, Victoria
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars16September,2014
“I first met and used Patrick Meneguzzi many years ago, for a renovation to our house in Elwood. We then engaged him for a second renovation to our house in East Malvern and were thrilled with the outcome of this transformation. Currently we are using Patrick's design services for our new build in Caulfield, which is a 3 level home complete with a basement theatre room and gymnasium. Patrick has designed and specified every detail of the interior and also assisted us in the exterior architecture, garden and swimming pool designs. Over the years, as my family has grown, so has my relationship with Patrick. He has taken the time to get to know me, my family and our requirements for practical, modern and stylish living. On a professional level, Patrick is a perfectionist! His work combines expertise in interior design, as well as having a great eye for architecture, space planning and every aspect of the interior decoration right down to the colour of the bathroom towels. On a personal level, Patrick is wonderful to work with. He listens and listens...and always meets the criteria without fail! I have enjoyed many hours of working with Patrick, including some great lunches and some good laughs too. Patrick makes the difficult job of choosing a million items fun and easy, by removing the stress. I wouldn't make a choice without his approval! Patrick is passionate about his work and I personally and highly recommend him for all projects. Roslyn Gunn”
Camilla Molders Design
Space Planning Services in Caulfield North, Victoria
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars5October,2014
“Camilla did a great job. She helped us find focus and clarity - which in the sea of design choices was just what we needed. We each have a pretty good eye, and clear ideas about what we like - Camilla helped marry these ideas and come up with a cohesive look that we both loved. She's worked with us in a number of capacities over the years. And each and very time we're both happy with the outcome. She's helped us purchase new furnishings, recover and revitalise existing pieces. She's helped us re-organise and position 'interior landscapes' to create even better spaces in our home. And most recently she helped us choose an external colour scheme for the outside of our house - which was a double storey terrace house, so no small project, small amount of paint, or small exposure to the street. It was a massive project with massive ramifications if we got it wrong or hated it in the end. It took many enormous swatches painted on the wall, viewed from 20m away, before the three of us were happy and finally put roller to wall, brush to iron work. And the outcome was spectacular! Our grand dame of a house got a fabulous contemporary, but completely fitting, colour scheme that revealed all her glory. Thanks in large part to Camilla”
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