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Landscaping Ideas - Hiding a colourbond fence

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago
We are about to put a pool in our backyard so are redoing our small garden. At the moment we have Pittosporum's along this retaining wall. The retaining wall looks really good, but then there is a ugly colour bond fence. There are a few options I have in mind.
1/ plant a high hedge to cover the fence. However I think this will close the back yard in to much and I want more of an open feel.
2/ plant a vine up high in the colour bond fence, and then plant succulents down the bottom. - would Jasmine work?
3/ We are going to have some timber around the pool, so maybe cover the colour bond fence with timber which will look better, and then just plant succulents.
We don't want anything that is high maintenance,
drops leaves
and it needs to tolerate pool water splash..
Any suggestions would be appreciated !!!!!!
Thanks Kathy

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