Trendy Teak

Hudson Furniture
5 years ago

Hard wood accessories for the bathroom.

It’s often been said that some of our best ideas come to us
when we are in the shower, so it’s surprising that we don’t give our bathrooms
the attention they deserve. Stylish and practical, this collection of teak
treasures is perfect for creating that inspirational space in your bathroom or
spa. The anti-slip floor mat will make sure your thinking process won’t be
interrupted, whilst the Double Laundry Hamper will keep everything organised
and out of your way. This teak collection will make your bathroom or spa feel
like a luxurious haven where innovative thoughts come easily and relaxation is

Trendy Teak

Comments (2)

  • PRO
    Olivia Kwarda Tuivaga
    5 years ago

    Love it! I love those curved shelves too

  • PRO
    New Leaf Design Studios
    5 years ago

    Timber adds warmth and coziness to a space which can be a great addition to a bathroom which can sometimes feel a bit cold. I would recommend a marine varnish be applied to the timber as a protection and to prevent mould and rot in a wet area.

    Hudson Furniture thanked New Leaf Design Studios