Adding a second toilet with hand basin but where?

Sina Nova
5 years ago

Below is our house plan built 20 something years ago(sorry it flipped when posting for some reason). Now with a daughter in her last year of primary school & the new high school is in walking distance, moving for the next 6- 7 years is highly likely, off the cards.

We would like to add at least a second toilet with hand basin. Looking at our plan I can't see where or how? Perhaps someone with the know how and a fresh set of eyes can have a look see.

I love the idea of removing the man shed & extending out the left side of house through bed1 wall. That would give us a new bedroom and our own private bathroom & bed 1 would become more of a parents retreat. It would also put space between our room & daughters room which would be delightful.

I am thinking this would be doable but quite expensive. Possibly over capitalize us for the area.

Appreciate the input

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