Door color? Please help

Janene Winberry
March 18, 2016
What color should we paint the door? White, Kendall Charcoal or another color? Thanks :)

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  • emmarene9


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    Espresso or Ebony

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    Beth H. :

    love Kendall..Or black. make it glossy or semi gloss. You could also have them tint the Kendall Charcoal 25% darker so it looks a tad different from the adjoining wall.

    I would also paint the trim around the door the white you have on the other trim in the room. Very pretty room!

  • Janene Winberry
    thank you, great idea :)
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    Vanessa Wood Interiors


    I agree with Beth - it is a safe option to go with the Kendall but I would go full Gloss Black. You will probably end up with a few black accents in your adjoining room, even a side table, picture frames etc. It will be striking, bold, and definitely white trim around the door to match the rest of the house and of course to highlight the door even more! It's looking good - hope you keep posting to see how you go!

  • Bev

    I would go semi-gloss black! I just painted the interior doors of my entry way with Behr Marquee Limousine Leather and they look great.

  • hopesuggs4
    I love your floor... what is it ?
  • hopesuggs4
    Have you seen the chalk Paint? There's a color white linen then you could rub with the wax that is a darker color that will grab in the creases of the wood grain. Very easy to work with. I did my mantel.
  • Janene Winberry
    yes, the adjoining wall is BM Kendall Charcoal. The floors are 12.3 mm laminate Republic Urbanica Collection -Soho
  • hopesuggs4
    You can get the oil that is black to fill in the wood on the door over the chalk paint.
  • jacquelinemk6
    Hi there, your home looks beautiful. It seems a little dark in your foyer, so I wouldn't go black or too dark in my opinion. It just disappears and doesn't stand out at all. The wood adds warmth and color, would you consider staining the door a bit darker, like a dark antique walnut or a black stain where some of the wood shows through? If not, I would go with white or a light color like a soft blue it all depends on your decor style.
  • Maureen

    I would use the same color as your living room to compliment your floor, but maybe one shade lighter and adding a great chandelier will help welcome your guests and define the space.

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  • Noelle
    Hi! I am considering purchasing this same flooring, how do you like it?
  • Janene Winberry
    We really love our floors.
  • decoenthusiaste

    Semi-gloss black and white trim to match other.

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  • Noelle

    what color paint did you use for your walls? Do they have a taupe-ish undertone?

  • stephc28

    Hi. What color are your other walls? I have kendall in my living room and want to do a lighter color for the rooms next to it. I love the way yours blend.

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    Showpiece Kitchen & Bath

    I love Kendall Charcoal! I think that would look great in your space! A dark door makes a nice accent and will look updated. It will be a better complement to your space than glossy black.

  • Janene Winberry

    The other walls are BM Revere Pewter, they work well together