Old 80s atrium

Jade Summers
November 5, 2016
We tried to revive the atrium with plants and a water feature but the plants never grew and the water would echo loudly! So we have removed the brick wall and opened the space. Any ideas of what we could do with it?

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  • georgi02

    What a great space to highlight a special sculpture. I'd pick a tall sculpture (personally, I'd go for a light colour stone/timber sculpture) that suits your home style and then using LED uplights to highlight the sculpture.

  • oklouise

    what's on the other sides of the walls?

  • Jade Summers
    To the left is our front room, to the right hallway way to open living area, behind is a Jarradale wood fire.
  • oklouise

    looks about 1200 deep and about 1m wide? what about repair the floor to match and install a wall to wall desk with drawers, chair and shelves for a tiny study area or add doors for a powder room, walk in storage area and or coatroom

  • bigreader
    Yep as above. You can never have too much storage or would be a great study nook.
  • Jade Summers
    They were my thoughts to, I wonder if someone has already done something similar and has a photo? Which to choose?
  • PRO
    MB Design & Drafting

    Storage, linen. etc. Something all 1980's dwellings seem to be missing!

  • oklouise

    here's some pics off HOUZZ

    Contemporary Home Office & Library · More Info

    McCarron Lake House Contemporary · More Info

    Carew Street, Sandringham · More Info

  • John Henson
    Can you keep going with the removal of the curved wall? Doubtful it a supporting wall. Open the place up. Also like the idea of storage or IT nook but can you get conduits easily to the area for Comms?
  • Jade Summers
    The curved wall has to stay, I like it too little bit out of the norm. This spot what you see when you open the front door. I'm planning on an office the room off to the right. I know it should be storage but putting door in front of it will look pretty average.