Cushion help

Olivia B
July 3, 2017

I need help with what colour cushions for this sofa. Must kind of tie in with kitchen area/flooring. Thanks x

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  • bigreader
    You've a wonderful neutral base. Now you need some colour. Are you planning on a rug? If so pick it first as it's colours will dictate cushions. What about art? What's your fav colour?
  • girlguides
    Dark Chocolate or quartz pink?
  • LesleyH
    What artwork have you chosen? Colours can be drawn from this.
  • Olivia B

    I don't even know where to start looking for rugs or artwork, definitely need some colour. If you know of any that are nice please let me know

  • LesleyH
    See how once you choose your art you can go from there in cushions and rug.
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  • celerygirl

    Olivia! Depends on what area rug you get. Pick colors from your rug.

  • celerygirl

    Your sectional is neutral,

    so you can use any color.

  • PRO
    Sojo Design Ltd

    Great to have a blank canvas...Do you have a favourite colour? Suggest you start with that and build a stunning palette through textures and various complementary tones.... only choose things you LOVE

  • PRO

    Indeed - you have a wonderful blank, contemporary canvas there Olivia! We'd whole heartedly agree that you start with an artwork that you love and use that to guide the colour scheme / the other accent pieces such as rugs and cushions.

    You might like to start here for some inspiration:

    And you needn't go for colour impact if that's not you: these treescapes of ours were used to augment the client's tonally neutral palette.

    transparent perspex plexiglas diptych artwork featuring tree lined horizon · More Info

    Do reach out if anything in our collections resonates with you.

  • scottevie

    The items in your ideabook are neutral, natural with a hint of metallic - so I would focus on looking for textured cushions rather than bold prints. You might also find it helpful to collect a heap of living room photos you like the look of, and then review them to find the common colours, textures etc.

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