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Which "white" paint to use? Dulux Stowe White, Hog Bristle, Dune half

6 years ago

Hi all, appreciate any thoughts on paint colour choice (walls, high skirts and decorative cornice) - 1920's Calafornian Bungalow, 3.3m ceilings, high skirts, decorative cornice and Baltic Pine floor boards (deep. honey in colour). Want to highligt the skirts and deocrative cornice by keeping "white" (what shade??) with a contrasting wall colour.

for the walls we're tossing up ideas with Dulux Hog Bristle 1/4 strength, Dulux Stowe White, White Dune half, Chalk USA or Barrister White

My main concerns;

- I want space to feel warm and inviting,

- I don't want paint to throw too much yellow from our floor boards

- I worry if more creamy colours will clash with the white skirts and decorative cornice, and

- will we achieve enough contrast, or will it all look a bit bland?

Apprecicate any thoughts as I'm starting to get a bit overwhelmed with all the choice!! :)

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