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Help me with my new butlers pantry design

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

We are building a new home and the space for the Butlers Pantry is 2500mm wide by 3600mm long. My dilema is where to put the fridge which is 900 wide and has double doors and acts as over flow from the kitchen and use it a bit the freezer especially. We want to put a rangehood and dishwasher in the pantry also. I have come up with 3 possible options.

photo 1, only leaves a walkway of 800mm between the fridge and the narrow shelving for food storage, which is 300mm on the opposite side and I am concerned it might be to narrow.
It leaves a walkway aisle in the kitchen side between the island bench and the kitchen fridge of about 1050mm as the fridge doors are approx 140mm deep.

photo 2 changes the walkway to 850mm but switches where the ovens and fridge are located in the kitchen and changes our laundry walkway/aisle to 1050mm instead of 1100mm. The walkway between the island bench and the ovens in the kitchen would be 1200mm and between the fridge and the island would be 1350mm. Between the rest of the cabinets and the island on the fridge side would be 1500mm. This is because the doors on the fridge are approx 140mm deep. The other concern with this option is where to put the kitchen fridge. do i match the island and back bench and move the fridge down towards the pantry door, which could be bothersome for people going in and out of the pantry, or leave it where it is. Also the stone benchtop I am looking at only comes in a 3000mm length and the bench would end up being 3120mm, I am trying to avoid having joins so would you put a fill wall in or a slim cupboard next to the fridge. The cupboard can be wider than 120mm , i just really dont want to join the stone. and I am not sure what iI would use it for.

Photo 3 decreases our narrow shelving to only 800mm long and i am concerned that might not be enough for food storage, but it increases the walkway/aisle between the fridge and opposite bench to 1150mm. And i still have the same width on the kitchen side of 1050mm between the fridge and the island taking the width of the fridge doors into account.

Any opinions and feedback would be greatly appreciated as i am so confused which would be the better layout.

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