Glass console table decoration ideas

Kruti Amin
January 25, 2019

Hi Everyone,

I am struggling to decorat and choose colours for accesary on the glass console table.

Could you please suggest some colours, taxture of the items will suit the below table.

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  • julie herbert
    A gorgeous vase of arrum Lilly’s a feature bowl , a large mirror, it could look really beautiful, keep it simple as your table is a piece of art in itself
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  • KK1000
    Something very simple and definitely round mirror, check out Shine mirrors .
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  • Kruti Amin

    Silver frame mirror will go well i think

  • PRO
    Moss Furniture

    We like to group irregular shaped items in 3's. Maybe a candle and some vintage books stacked with a vase of colourful flowers? I would also place a simple mirror on the wall.

  • 94236633
    Yes, definitely a round mirror to offset the lines of the console. As JH said, keep it simple as the console has interesting angles. Best of luck with it.
  • Kruti Amin

    i bought the vase and looking for mirror.

  • Kruti Amin
    i bought this was i am looking for sone decode goes with this one

  • julie herbert
    Look at Kmart for a large circular mirror for $29 would look great with your table I have one of these and it’s gorgeous and such a great price
  • julie herbert
    It’s 80cms in diameter
  • KK1000
    Freedom Dylan mirrors or Amboy they all come in different sizes