where to cull on lighting?

last year
My builder has advised that we need to cull almost half a dozen lights to stay under our PS amount. Just wondering how anyone else has resolved this issue.
We could happily get a sparky contact to reinstate the culled lights later but how do we set up for that?
We could just pay the extra to get it right, but maybe there are some lights we can do without so how do we know? Is there a rough guide on how far apart one needs their light spaced. I’m particularly concerned about aborting the ones in the living and dining area as there’s effectively an invisible hall to the kitchen through here - a main thoroughfare. Same goes for the one earmarked to go in the middle of the main hallway to the bedrooms. I’m sure it’s not the end of the world and we’d cope but it’s so hard to feel a place that hasn’t been built yet. Just trying to mitigate too much future regret.
Seeing Beacon tomorrow so I’m sure they’ll ‘shed light’ on this issue too. But they’ll also be after sales. So I’d appreciate any experiential feedback.

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