To cover or not to cover this window

April 22, 2019

Should this very large and non opening window on the first floor, be framed or should shutters or blades be made. Maybe timber batons positioned horizontally.

Any advise is helpful

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  • julie herbert
    Batons would look great either horizontal or vertical or a fabulous laser cut screen that looks great inside and out
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  • PRO
    Dr Retro House Calls
    It depends on the outlook, the privacy required, the orientation, and how much heat it gets from the sun in summer. I would suggest living with it for a year to understand exactly what you need.

    As the windows are non-openable I would suggest avoiding anything that requires maintenance such as timber battens, or anything that provides suitable nesting potential for birds, as the droppings from nests can make an awful mess.

    If money was no option I would consider adjustable metal louvres, perhaps mounted vertically, that could be opened and closed depending on the time of year. Resear
    ch Vergola.

    Best of luck

    Dr Retro
    of Dr Retro House Calls.
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  • siriuskey

    What are the reasons behind wanting screening on these windows, should at least one panel be opening, ie louvers. for ventilation. Our 80's house had a lot of non opening windows, I'am guessing this was done to save on cost, since changing the critical ones to opening the house is so much better.

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  • Maursie
    Dr Retro you didn’t mention cobwebs.....
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  • jillapp

    This window faces south. I also would like to block out views of both of my neighbours garages, but the central view is of lovely palm trees.

  • Maree

    Maybe you could tint the window so no-one can see in during the day as a cheaper alternative, so you could drawer back the sheers.

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  • julie herbert
    Internal shutters may be the answer , or you could do a statement like these partial screens, great to be different .
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  • mykky48

    I think interior bi-fold louvred shutters are your best choice here, open up to have your slice of lovely view while screening the despised garages without the fussiness of the curtains. As Dr Retro rightly states anything on the outside is going to be a major grot magnet and a mission to clean....unless you love ladders, spiders and who knows what else!!

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  • julie herbert
    We have outside laser screens and they just need a brush to keep them looking great , we have an extension brush and it is fab for dust etc, doing it regularly keeps all the cobwebs at bay, just general maintenance is the secret.
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  • jillapp

    Thanks for your ideas. I’m going to look into designs for a laser screen. Easy to maintain and looks contemporary. Regards