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Help with kitchen and laundry layouts

5 years ago

This is further to my post requesting help with bathroom layouts.

Our house is 30 years old and in original condition. I would really appreciate some advice on the best layout for our kitchen. At the moment it has very little storage and we have 2 kitchen dressers to help with this. It is quite a good size but we believe the layout could be so much better. We have thought of having an island bench but it would have to run in the other direction to the current bench and we are unsure if this would look right. But we think this would be the best way to allow more cabinets for storage.

We are thinking of having a walk in pantry in area adjoining the laundry. However not sure of best way to do this. Where should the door go?

We had thought at one stage of opening up the family room to the rumpus room but this would mean losing a large built in cabinet on this wall which is vital for storage. Any ideas on other options? If we did open this up we would like doors on it so it could be closed off.

I have attached a plan of the house and kitchen area with dimensions.

Any comments or ideas at all would be much appreciated.

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